2 Station Restroom Trailers - PP612         "MAX"
This 2 Station Restroom Trailer is one of the most popular
portable restroom trailers.  With both entrance doors on the
sidewalk/curbside your customers enter the restroom without
stepping into the street.  This restroom trailer has over 250 Gal.
of waste water capacity and up to 225 gallons fresh water capacity.


2 Station Restroom Trailers- PP78     "PACIFIC"
While small and compact, the "PP 78" Restroom Trailer
will fit into your limited locations at your special events. A water less or
a water flushing urinal is available on the male side of this Portable Restroom Trailer.

3 Station Restroom Trailers-PP714     "VANCOUVER"
Each private room in this three station portable restroom trailers has a stainless steel sink in a vanity with supply storage below.  Indicator locking door knobs make each room private and secure during use. As with all of the portable restroom trailers this model is designed with a mechanical room to all for an on board fresh water tank.

4 Station Restroom Trailers-CT8517MOD      "VEGAS"
This Portable Restroom Trailer is appropriately named the "Vegas."  A perfect floor plan for weddings with a large open
female room with separate mirror and make-up countertops.  A suspended countertop and lighted soffits add a luxurious modern look.

5 Station Restroom Trailers- CT815      "ALPINE"
The "Alpine" durable Restroom Trailer has 5 stations.
Entrance doors with slide-out and platformed heavy duty steps. Available with 165 gallons of on board fresh water.

6 Station Restroom Trailers- CT817    
This six station Portable Restroom Trailer is standard with
low amp draw light emitting diode ceiling lights with a use life estimated at 22 years. Never have to change a light bulb in this restroom trailer.

7 Station Restroom Trailers- CT8207    
Water resistant solid surface countertops are standard in
this Portable Restroom Trailer.  Stainless steel sinks are
dropped in the countertops and are used with water conserving
auto shut off faucets.

7 Station Restroom Trailers-CT818    
Versitility is designed into this restroom trailers floorplan.  This model restroom trailer is standard with 4 female stalls and 3 male stations but can also be built with 4 male stations.  It comes standard with water conserving toilets.   A winter package is available with heat pads to prevent the waste tank from freezing during extreme cold temperatures.

8 Station Restroom Trailers-CT821V3    
This Restroom Trailer is built with mar resistant interior
walls and durable plastic stall doors. The mechanical room is available with a 225 Gal. on board fresh water tank and water pump.

10 Station Restroom Trailers-CT829V2    
With 5 stations on the male side and 5 stations on the female side of this portable restroom trailer it will manage your larger events.  With a waste tank of approximatly 1150 gallons of capacity it is estimated for over 2800 uses.


11 Station Restroom Trailers-CT832    
Every "CT 832" model is constructed with an exterior
one piece fiberglass wall. This premium exterior wall will
not dent, rust or pull apart. Every restroom trailer roof has
a 12 year warranty.

17 Station Restroom Trailers-CT845    
This large 17 Station Restroom trailer has thirteen male stations
and four female stations for women.  With a male dominated number of stations this restroom trailer model is typically used on  construction sites such as oil fields for mostly male workers.